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052: Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad – History and Preservation

Bessemer & Lake Erie

The Bessemer & Lake Erie has been hauling iron ore to fuel America’s steel production for over 100 years.  Learn about its history and why it means so much to local railfans and workers as we begin to explore its roots.  We talk to Bob Brooks, who has filmed the railroad for over six years, and Jon Clark, a photographer working for another Western Pennsylvania shortline.

Bob Brooks – 1:58

Reading Your Comments – 24:45

Jon Clark – 27:20

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Question of the Day (58:23)

What is your favorite railroad to chase?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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3 thoughts on “052: Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad – History and Preservation

  1. Andrew Dietrick

    My favorite railroad to chase is the North Shore Railroad Systems family of short lines. The Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad In Lock Haven Pa and the Lycoming valley Railroad in Williamsport Pa because the NBER is where Unstoppable was Filmed. The Lycoming valley is a favorite because it operates on Ex Reading Company and New York Central trackage, and the LVRR pays Tribute to their Reading Company roots by having two GP30’s painted in the Reading Company’s Green and Yellow with the Bee Line logo on the sides.

  2. Carl A. Timko

    My favorite was also the Bessemer, as I grew up next to it. I had two uncles that worked on the Bessemer as well as two that worked for the Erie / Erie Lackawanna. Until 2013, I chased trains every chance I could get. Unfortunately, a virus left me legally blind in both eyes (actually ocular nerve damage). So now I cannot drive to chase. I am the secretary/archivist for the French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society, as well as the editor of our flagship newsletter, “The Valley Express”. So, thanks to some aids, I can accomplish tasks for the FCVRRHS and help promote our organization and our causes.
    Nate Clark, a long time associate of mine, emailed me about your podcast. Thanks. By the way, the FCVRRHS has a Bessemer and Lake Erie wood boxcar on display in Meadville. We will have it completed by summer of 2017, while waiting for our DL&W snowplow to arrive.

  3. Lycoming College

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    Regardless keep up the good work.

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