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Bennett Levin and the Fleet of Memories

Bennett Levin

Growing up with the Pennsylvania Railroad, Bennett Levin would later go on to own a PRR Observation Car used by John F. Kennedy and original E-Unit locomotives. He shares his love of providing rare-mileage excursions, providing Veterans with an unforgettable train ride, and how to advocate for rail travel.

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Question of the Day

What diesels would be leading your private cars? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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8 thoughts on “Bennett Levin and the Fleet of Memories

  1. Myles Spear

    Hands down, Southern railway F7’s. Love the paint scheme and the historic glamor of the engines themselves.

  2. Mike Huhn

    “What diesels would be leading your private cars?”

    Definitely a pair of Amtrak F40PHs, painted in Phase 3. Those engines epitomized “Amtrak” to me growing up.

  3. Bobb Losse Sr

    My private cars would have to be lead by Alco cab units, particularly the freight engines. An A-B-A set of FA-2’s or an A-B-A set of FA-1’s. First class all the way.

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