The Roundhouse



You may not realize it yet, but you have begun a unique rail journey.

The Roundhouse is a podcast designed to bring you the most intriguing news, stories, and events about the railroad industry, the hobby, and more.

My name is Nick Ozorak.

Chances are that you like trains every bit as much as I do (or know someone who does), so you can imagine how important trains are to me.  Being raised on a steady diet of Canadian railroad equipment, O-scale trains, and weekends spent visiting tourist railroads with my father made me the railfan I am today.

For over seven years, I have hosted At The Railyard, the online virtual railroading review series covering the field of train simulators.  These reviews, along with my time studying Communication Arts at Allegheny College, inspired me to work hard to bring to you entertaining, engaging, and heartfelt experiences.

This podcast is an adventure to collect stories from across the railroad community and present them in the most entertaining and professional manner possible.  I hope you join that journey with me.

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