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Episode 001: What is the Roundhouse?


As we embark on this railroad journey, it’s important to establish who I am, what the show is, and how you will become part of it.

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Our first story is that Norfolk Southern has released the first of 25 GP33ECO locomotives.  These low-emission switch locomotives will be appearing around the NS system, and you can view a picture of them here.

Amtrak introduced National Train Day in 2008 as a holiday in early May to highlight railroad history and travel.  This year, they are calling it “Amtrak Train Days” and focusing on a ‘touring event’.  In my opinion, changing the name is a mistake because it narrows the focus to Amtrak where it used to be equal for all railroads, museums, and organizations.  The website with information is here.  What do you think of the name change?

Introducing The Roundhouse with Nick Ozorak (7:00)

With a lifelong interest in trains, I have always had fun researching railroad history, riding excursions, taking photographs, playing with train simulators, etc.  I am most well-known online for my video series At The Railyard, a virtual railroading review show where I examine train simulation products and use music and history to make entertaining experiences.

The Roundhouse is a podcast, which is similar to a radio show except you can listen to each episode whenever and wherever you want.  What the format allows us to do is have a continual discussion and exploration unlike anything else before.  My three goals for the show are to:

1:  Create episodes with meaningful content.

2:  Explore new topics in our hobby.

3:  Connect with you as railroaders and railfans, and connect you to each other.

Starting the show in 2015 allows me to cover exciting news and events, and I look forward to seeing what comes down the line!

Question of the Day (17:54)

What railroad event, excursion, convention, or date are you most looking forward to?  Let me know and I will select answers to share on the next episode.  We also announce the first three guests at The Roundhouse.  The first will be on Tuesday at 9 AM EST, the second on Thursday at 9 AM, and the third on Saturday at 9 AM.  If this sounds exciting, share this episode with at least one person.

7 thoughts on “Episode 001: What is the Roundhouse?

  1. Jacob Petkovsky

    Ok first, great podcast. And this is my first podcast I’ve have actually listened too. And I very interested to listen to the next episode. And to answer the QOTD the events im looking forward too is the Hamburg train show coming up on 2/14-15/15, nation train day, and the Buffalo central terminal show coming up in September. And to suggest a topic, how about model trains in general? I know you are having a guest to talk about her opinions on model railroading, but how bout a segment where you talk about model railroading in general. Like gauges, makers, great well known layouts, model railroading traditions, etc. So thanks in advance for reading.

  2. shaun chisholm

    Hey Nick, can you do a interview with a Norfolk Southern RR engineer? To see what’s it like to be a engineer for that company?

  3. Nick Ozorak Post author

    I definitely plan to have several episodes covering model railroading. It is such a diverse topic that I don’t think I could cover it all in one episode, though perhaps an “Intro to Model Railroading” episode for the general public could be interesting.

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