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Episode 002: Official Norfolk Southern Photographer Casey Thomason

Photo courtesy of Casey Thomason.

Photo courtesy of Casey Thomason.

If you were asked by a railroad to be their company photographer, would you say yes?  Casey Thomason works for one of the largest Class I railroads in the country and shares what life is like being on the road, finding interesting locations, and visually representing Norfolk Southern.


I was sent this video by a number of sources, and not all of them are railfans.  This extreme video of a CN freight train plowing snow is quite a thrill to watch.

Metrolink has released photos of their new EMD F125 locomotives in production.  It will be interesting to see these units evolve as they near completion.

Casey Thomason Interview (3:12)
Casey worked for Norfolk Southern as a crewmember before applying for the recently created position of Company Photographer.  He discusses his inspiration from O. Winston Link, the process for taking a company photograph of equipment, and the evolution of the Heritage Unit program.

Other programs Casey has been involved with photographing include the Streamliners at Spencer event and the 21st Century Steam program.  He points out that there is more to being a company photographer than just taking train photos and offers advice for other railroad photographers.

Other topics covered in this conversation include plans for 2015, riding the Office Car Special (OCS), and the story behind the famous roundhouse shot.

Question of the Day (48:48)

I read some responses from the questions I asked in Episode 001 and provide you with a new one:  What is your favorite heritage unit or locomotive with a commemorative paint scheme, and why?  Let me know and I will select answers to share on the next episode.  Be sure to share this episode with at least one person today!

6 thoughts on “Episode 002: Official Norfolk Southern Photographer Casey Thomason

  1. shaun chisholm

    Another great episode Nick! All the Heritage Units are amazing in my mind! But my personal favorite has to be NS Heritage Unit #8105 ( ES44AC ) ” The Interstate ” I just love how it so plain, to the naked eye, but has that special vibe to it. The colors are amazing!. It stands out in my mind. That is my favorite Heritage Unit from NS.

  2. Sam Brodersen

    I actually have a 6 way tie between UP 8646, UP 8701, UP 107, UP 1995, and 1996. As you can see, I’m a bit fond of C&NW and SP stuff

  3. Al

    Just listened to this episode here in mid-september. Can’t wait to browse the photos and dig deeper into this wonderful community you have shared with me.

    Thanks Nick!!

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