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005: Greenberg’s Train Show


If you are a railfan, you’ve been to a train show.  They are a unique opportunity to meet people in the hobby, buy new and used equipment, and take in the beautiful club layouts.  I have always had fun going to this show throughout the years, but I particularly enjoyed interviewing so many interesting vendors, club members, and railfans.


As you are probably aware, a CSX bakkan crude oil train derailed Monday in Fayette County W. Va.  The latest news is that the train was traveling 17 MPH slower than the speed limit, so it would appear that speed was not a factor in the derailment.

In happier news, Buffalo Creek & Gauley #4, a 2-8-0 steam locomotive, will be restored to operation by the Durbin & Greenbrier Railroad.  The restoration will take place at the Cass Scenic Railroad shops.

Greenberg Train Show

Jerry Kyslinger – Keystone Division (6:12)

Jerry talks about the advantages of the club being a division of the National Model Railway Association.  He also highlights the different approaches with each module of the club’s layout.

Board Game Vendor (14:18)

Our next guest did not want himself or his business identified on the show, but he was very happy to be interviewed.  He talks about his time working for railroads (B&O, CSX) and what makes railroad board games so fun.

Pete Lerro – Lerro Productions (19:42)

A railroad artist, Pete discusses his approach to painting railroad scenes and describes some of his most important work.

Ronald McElrath – Revelation Video (26:47)

I saw Ronald selling a ton of railroad DVDs.  He describes a few of them and explains his primary service Railroad Video Quarterly.

Jack Early – Pittsburgh Independent Hi-Railers (31:36)

O Scale thrives in a big space like a convention hall.  Jack discusses the club’s display and how they are working to get younger audiences interested in the hobby.

Beth Ann Gabriel – Goodies Chocolatier (36:16)

A good convention needs good food.  Goodies Chocolatier provides many excellent candies and sweets for this event (including my favorite, orange creamsicle fudge!).

David Maynard – Keystone Division (36:16)

Returning to an earlier display, I met with David as he was performing some switching.  He talks about the importance making choices in model railroading that make you happy, not just based off of what others say.

Jonathan Knox – Pittsburgh S-Gaugers (42:51)

S Gauge has often been overlooked in the hobby, but it is now being supported by companies like Lionel and MTH.  Club leader Jonathan describes the club’s two displays, how the gauge has grown in popularity, and why someone new may want to consider starting an S gauge layout.

Grier – HO Scale freight car weathering (54:13)

The last time I visited this show, I purchased a weathered gondola car from Grier.  He shares with us his approach to weathering freight cars, and I surprise him by purchasing one during our interview!

I talked to several other people throughout the day, and while I could not fit all of the interviews into this particular episode I appreciate meeting all of you and look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Question of the Day (58:59)

I read some responses from the questions I asked in Episode 004 and provide you with a new one:  What is your favorite part of going to a model train show?  Let me know and I will select answers to share on the next episode which will be released Saturday the 21st at 9 AM EST.  Subscribe on iTunes, and be sure to share this episode with at least one person today!

6 thoughts on “005: Greenberg’s Train Show

  1. Sam Brodersen

    My favorite part of any train show is scouting for a great deal! When you find that one item that you have really been wanting, is one of the best feelings in the world!

  2. Gary Carmichael

    Nick. I enjoyed you podcast. It was informative and professionally done. The only comment I’d like to add is that you “run” trains,not drive them. This may seem a bit picky but after being a railroader for 41 years ,I assure you that it is the proper nomenclature.Good job and I look forward to meeting you again. Gary Carmichael

  3. Mark Boyce

    I loved your podcast from the Monreoville Greenberg show. I missed this show because of the weather, but really liked the interviews with several people I have talked to in the past. I just learned of your podcast yesterday on the OGR Forum. Keep up the good work. I would suggest for future podcasts the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, Cass Railroad, the Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum, Steamtown, the TCA Museum, Al Kolis with LCCA, the Carnegie Science Center Model Railroad and Village, the Potomac Eagle, I could go on and on…

  4. Nick Ozorak Post author

    Glad to have you on board, Mark! The weather in February was very rough, and it definitely did affect attendance. Those are all great suggestions and I’ll keep them in mind for future episodes.

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