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006: Strasburg Rail Road President Linn Moedinger

Strasburg Linn 006

In the heart of Lancaster County, the Strasburg Rail Road provides a unique railroad experience for the public.  Steam locomotives pull wooden coaches through beautiful farmland on a regular basis, and events like Day Out with Thomas and Steampunk Unlimited introduce the public to important pieces of railroad history.  Linn gives us a tour behind the scenes and the history of this fascinating operation.


Norfolk Southern has repainted a Southern SD40 into its original paint scheme.  The locomotive is to be used on the railroad’s Piedmont Division.

A second PCC Streetcar was introduced to the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System.  It is great to see these historic streetcars being used by the city.

Linn Moedinger Interview (2:39)
Linn grew up around the Strasburg Rail Road from when it was purchased in 1958.  He recounts what it was like to repair the line, including harrowing experiences with the “weed machine”!  He also describes the “personalities” of each of the steam locomotives operated.

Since Linn is also Chief Mechanical Officer, he oversees the restoration work done by the Strasburg Rail Road’s shops.  He is proud of the team he works with and enjoys staying connected with the machines.  He also talks about the importance of special events to introduce the newer generation to railroading.

Question of the Day (49:41)

I read some responses from the question I asked in Episode 005 and provide you with a new one:  What is your favorite themed event at a tourist railroad?  Do you like Dinner trains, Day Out with Thomas, photo charters, or something else?  Let me know and I will select answers to share on the next episode which will be released Saturday the 14st at 9 AM EST.

This episode marks one month of The Roundhouse, and I want to thank you for your feedback and comments.  Because of this response, my commitment to you is to release a new episode every Saturday at 9 AM EST!   Also, I greatly appreciate every time you share the show or an episode with someone new.  One new listener makes all the difference to us, and continuing to share the show will increase what guests, topics, and events we discuss.  Subscribe on iTunes, and be sure to share this episode with at least one person today!

3 thoughts on “006: Strasburg Rail Road President Linn Moedinger

  1. Captainbob

    Was trying to figure out what to get my 2 year old great grand daughter for her 2nd birthday this morning and was listening to this podcast while walking my dog, and heard the discussion about the Thomas Tank engine. Just ordered a starter set for her … Thanks.

  2. Derighteous

    I have read and seen videos talking about the Strasburg Railroad and the story of how they are the only Railroad in the U.S to have an active Thomas the Tank Engine is my personal favorite

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