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007: Rapido Trains’ Jason Shron – Manufacturing Model Trains

Jason is working on the underside of a Canadian Pacific 'Park' car.  Photo courtesy of Jason Shron.

Jason is working on the underside of a Canadian Pacific ‘Park’ car. Photo courtesy of Jason Shron.

Can you imagine starting up your own model train manufacturing business?  What models would you produce, and how would you run it?  Jason tells us about the founding of Rapido Trains, an HO and N-Scale manufacturing company, and why humor is important for the hobby.


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Jason Shron Interview
Since the age of 5, Jason paid close attention to the details of the VIA rail passenger equipment he grew up riding on in Ontario.  His passion for model railroading and wanting to have Canadian rolling stock for his layout (especially his favorite, the Turbo Train) led to founding Rapido Trains.

Rapido has taken on a number of interesting projects, including ‘The Canadian‘ and the New Haven EMD FL9 locomotive.  Jason talks about the development process of a locomotive and shares some plans for the future.  He emphasizes  humor as an important element for not taking the hobby too seriously.  Rapido has released some very humorous videos, including this one of testing their Bendy Track by having a full-size locomotive run over it.

Question of the Day

I read some responses to the question I asked in Episode 006 and provide you with a new one:  If you could have a model locomotive custom built to your specifications, what would it be?  Let me know and I will select answers to share on the next episode which will be released Saturday the 21st.

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7 thoughts on “007: Rapido Trains’ Jason Shron – Manufacturing Model Trains

  1. Etienne ozorak

    Ready liked the show! Amazing how far the hobby has evolved since the 70s. I also liked hearing about the Era of transition I grew up in.

  2. Leonard Stern

    To Jason:
    Just finished listening to the “Yutz”. I have always respected your enthusiasm for the hobby and your vocal comments increased that respect. You are a good menshe.

    Warm regards


  3. Leonard Stern

    To Nick:

    I most certainly appreciate you passing my comments to Jason. I already own many of his products. He is definitely a rare breed of manufacturer.


  4. robert brown

    I scratch build 1:32 scale 40’s and 50’s era steam and diesel locomotives and pullman passenger cars. What I wanted to say is the Easy- Peasy lights strips are the best thing that has happened to me as far as installing lights in a car. I use 3 in each car. Easy is an under statement, great product, I love it, Robert Brown.

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