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011: Fire Up 611! Scott Lindsay

#611 powers an excursion through Georgia one evening in 1992.  Photo by James G. Howes.

#611 powers an excursion through Georgia one evening in 1992. Photo by James G. Howes.

The Fire Up 611! campaign has been a tremendous success so far, with the locomotive nearing completion to operation. Chief Mechanical Officer Scott Lindsay provides us an update on the restoration of this locomotive, an overview of the campaign beyond the locomotive, and how he was involved with the 2002 Winter Olympics.

This past Tuesday (March 31) the Fire Up 611 team…well…fired up 611.  The boiler maintained a pressure of 300 PSI.

I received a message from Shelley asking if I could pay tribute to engineer Glenn Steele on the show.  Glenn was severely injured while on the job when a Metrolink cabcar collided with a truck this past February.  He later died from his injuries.  Many people have shown their support through a GoFundMe campaign set up by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen.  By all accounts, he was a great family man and an excellent coworker, and his kindness did not go unnoticed.

Scott Lindsay Interview
Scott began his career working on steam locomotives with Ross Rowland’s High Iron Excursion Co. when he was a boy.  Having worked on Norfolk & Western J Class 611 in the 1990s before the locomotive was parked, he went on to found Steam Operations Co.  His company has worked on several fascinating projects, including overseeing the operation of a locomotive for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and restoring Baldwin steam locos in Ecuador!

In the early 2010s, conversations began about restoring 611 to operation, including as part of Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam program.  Scott takes us behind the scenes of the locomotive’s restoration, explains the importance of having a well-organized campaign, and clears the rumors regarding restoring N&W 1218.

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