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013: Talyllyn Railway 150th Anniversary


Wales is a country of beautiful countryside, and with equipment that is over 150 years old the Talyllyn Railway takes you back in time in this landscape.  General Manager Chris Price talks about how the railway became the first preserved line in the world, what you can expect when you visit, the relationship it has with The Railway Series (Thomas the Tank Engine), and how the 150th Anniversary is being celebrated.

After visiting Washington D.C., I rode Amtrak’s Capitol Limited back to my home in Pittsburgh.  You can see photos from the adventure here, including an actual roundhouse and some privately owned passenger cars.

Amtrak has announced their schedule for “Amtrak Train Days”.  They will be touring the U.S. with their Exhibit Train starting on May 9th and ending in November.  There are other community events being held during these months as well.  I still wish that they would still call it National Train Day, as it makes it more inclusive of other railroads.

Chris Price Interview (3:22)

The Talyllyn Railway began as a slate mining railway and operated until 1951.  At that time facing an uncertain future, a man named Tom Rolt organized an effort to preserve the railway, and operations began that same year.  The Talyllyn Railway has six steam locomotives and operates using the same equipment from 1865!

Before working with the railway, Chris was a regular visitor of the Welsh narrow gauge line.  He started as a volunteer before eventually working his way up to General Manager.  Chris tells us about his various duties, including once being the presenter of a Top Gear-esque parody involving the railway.

The railway has also been recognized for its extensive use of volunteer labor, winning the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2013.  Chris also tells us about the extensive celebration planned for 2015.

Question of the Day (44:44)

What passenger train of yesteryear (that no longer operates) would you ride?  Where would you ride it to and from?   Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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One thought on “013: Talyllyn Railway 150th Anniversary

  1. Logan Stout

    Responding to the question, I would ride the Canadian when it was still a Canadian Pacific train or at least when it was still running on CP tracks and I would ride the entire way from Montreal to Vancouver.

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