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014: 2015 ATRRM Spring Conference, Backyard Railroading

ATRRM Conference attendees relax at Hanover Jct. while visiting Steam Into History.

ATRRM Conference attendees relax at Hanover Jct. while visiting Steam Into History.

The Association of Tourist Railroads and Railway Museums (ATRRM) is the result of a recent merger between two rail preservation organizations.  We learn more about what they do, how they help organizations in the industry, and why they want to help you find a good place to volunteer.


Fire Up 2100, the campaign to restore Reading T1 Steam locomotive #2100 has released new information.  The locomotive is in transit to Cleveland, where it will undergo mechanical inspection before restoration at the Midwest Railway Preservation Society.  The cost is estimated to be $700,000.

Norfolk Southern has announced the 2015 schedule for their 21st Century Steam program.  Look for Nickel Plate 765, Southern Railway 4501, and Norfolk & Western 611 to be on the mainline soon!

To tie-in with last week’s Talyllyn Railway episode, I wrote a blog post about my first visit in 2010.  Be sure to see all of the photos of this amazing narrow-gauge railway!

ATRRM Spring Conference (4:30)

I began to learn about the ATRRM as I began interviewing more people from the rail preservation industry.  I got in touch with them, and they invited me to attend their 2015 Spring Conference in York PA.  I share what I have learned so far about them, the events and excursions that were part of the conference, and why I think they are a valuable asset to the industry.

Braddock Heights Cagney (18:33)

Backyard railroading is an aspect of the hobby that I am learning more about as I host this show.  I came across this fascinating video of Tom Miller’s house, which is being sold along with his miniature railroad.  You’ll have to listen to the episode to see how much it will cost!

I was invited by the McCutcheon family of Braddock Heights MD to visit their backyard railroad, the Blue Mountain Railroad.  The locomotive they own is a rare 1901 Cagney steam locomotive.  I discuss the history of these little 4-4-0’s and describe what it was like to operate one.

Bridging the Generations (29:17)

A topic of conversation as part of the ATRRM’s Board Meeting was changing from print to digital publication for keeping members updated.  This got me thinking about the importance of brining the new generation into the rail preservation industry and how both generations may help one another to accomplish this.

Question of the Day (39:41)

If you work for or volunteer with a tourist railroad or railway museum, what do you enjoy most about it?  If not, what railroad or museum is closest to you, and what do you like about the people there?   Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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