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022: 2015 NRHS Convention and Other Recent Adventures

VRS 311 is on the tail end of Friday's excursion returning to Rutland.  Photo by Nick Ozorak.

VRS 311 is on the tail end of Friday’s excursion returning to Rutland. Photo by Nick Ozorak.

NRHS Convention, Batman breaking the law, Bessemer & Lake Erie, and more!  I’m riding solo today to talk about my latest adventures and share some photos!


Amtrak has donated AEM-7 #915 to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  This veteran of the Northeast Corridor will now serve to convey recent railroading history to museum patrons.

Rocky Mountain Express Review (2:36)

ince I interviewed Director Stephen Low on the show in our last episode, I thought I should review his film here.  Ultimately, I feel that this is an amazing film which combines important history with breathtaking visuals.  The sounds are expertly designed, and it is a fitting tribute to the men who built the railroad.

Find this film near you at the official website.

Batman on Railroad Tracks (9:35)

As we know, photography on railroad tracks is both illegal and dangerous.  Recently, a family conducted a photo session on tracks, with the father dressed as Batman, his 1 1/2 year old son as Robin, and his wife as the “maiden in distress” tied up on the tracks.  Many news outlets picked up the story and focused on the “cute” angle of the photos without addressing the obvious problems.  Many people commenting on the article found no issues either.  How do we work to change the cultural attitude regarding this problem?

2015 NRHS Convention (14:32)

The National Railway Historical Society is very involved in North American rail preservation.  I attended this year’s convention in Rutland VT while visiting my partner’s family.  While watching the excursion trains was fun, my favorite aspect was introducing her younger brother Zach to train chasing.

Bessemer & Lake Erie – Getting It While You Can (21:10)

While nostalgia often compels us to focus on railroading of the past, it is important to remember what we have to enjoy right now.  My recent adventures railfanning the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad have reminded me of this point.

Question of the Day (26:35)

If you’re a mother or father, what do you enjoy most about introducing your kids to trains and railroads?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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3 thoughts on “022: 2015 NRHS Convention and Other Recent Adventures

  1. Nancy DeRemer

    Awesome Nick! Zach had such a great time with you last weekend. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and fantastic mentor to Zach. Love you xo

  2. Bob Krug

    Dear NIck:
    I was able to ride and chase the Sunday / Father’s day special at the end of the convention with my 4-year old grandson, my son-in-law, and my daughter. I split a round-trip ticket with my daughter Debbie. I rode the eastbound train from Rutland to Ludlow while Debbie chased in the car, then I traded my coach seat for the car keys, and I was able to chase the westbound /return leg of the trip back to Rutland. Riding the train first allowed me to scout out lots of promising photo locations along the route, so my chase was a big success in terms of being able to photograph the train at multiple scenic spots. Plus my grandson got a kick out of looking for Grandpa at all the grade crossings. Motive power was Alco RS-1 #405, built in 1951 and sold new to VTR’s predecessor, the Rutland Railroad. It was a particularly meaningful trip for me – To be able introduce my young grandson to a first-generation diesel that his mother rode behind back when SHE was 4-years old!

    I’ve posted my chase photos on RRPictureArchives. Sorry to have missed you in Rutland!
    -Bob Krug

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