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024: Rikki Burchett

Rikki sits in the cab of Chehalis-Centralia #15. Photo courtesy of Trisha Duerr.

Rikki sits in the cab of Chehalis-Centralia #15. Photo courtesy of Trisha Duerr.

Firewoman and engineer Rikki talks about being part of ‘The Lone Ranger’ movie crew, working on steam locomotives big and small, and her advice with connecting to a tourist railroad.

This episode is sponsored by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society.  Visit their website to see their 2015 Summer Mainline Excursion schedule and book your tickets today!


Amtrak is selling parts from their retired AEM-7 locomotives. Is there something you’d like to buy?

TTX Company of Chicago, Illinois has donated RTTX No. 150643 flat car to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s collection.  Built in February 1965 at the Bethlehem Steel Company’s Johnstown, Pennsylvania car building plant, it has
accumulated over 3.7 million miles in service.

Rikki Burchett Interview (4:28)

Rikki fired her first steam locomotive at the age of 12 on the Chehalis Centralia Railroad & Museum’s #15.  She eventually worked her way up to engineer and has also crewed on locomotives such as Southern Pacific 4449 and Union Pacific 844.  She shares her experience working with steam, being part of the crew for ‘The Lone Ranger’ movie, and connecting to a tourist railroad.

Question of the Day (35:37)

With summer halfway over, what have you accomplished, and what are you looking forward to?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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7 thoughts on “024: Rikki Burchett

  1. Luke

    I am looking forward to moving to Kansas City for school in the fall. My goal also is to head up to the Illinois Railroad museum before i leave to see Frisco 1630 running.

  2. Matt Thompson

    This must never be forgotten.Women built and operated locomotives during World War I and World War II. With their hands they built and made flight delivery of aircraft as well. Given a fair chance they can do ANYTHING! Pay a EQUAL wage. The nonsense of gender bias must END NOW! Our survival as a nation will depend on this.

  3. Mark Baer

    Many moons ago I was a grease monkey on #618 on the Heber Creeper and I reached 16 and I became engineer along with my Father, later in life I engineered 844 and 3985 double header in SLC Utah, miss them days!

  4. M.Thompson

    The operation of a steam locomotive should not be a dying skill. In this push button – move cursor, Internet world there must be something solid to depend on if we must move freight from one place to another. Locomotives.Steam shovels to move earth, And anything and I mean ANYTHING of this type of know-how must be in place in case modern equipment should ever fail. To not do this is of no excuse. Our nation’s security depends on this!

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