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025: Strasburg Rail Road – Andrea Biesecker

Strasburg Rail Road Andrea Biesecker

Strasburg Rail Road – Andrea Biesecker

As the Assistant Contract Administrator, Andrea talks about working for the Strasburg Rail Road, explains the work she provides for steam locomotives, and describes the ‘Culture of Steam’.

This episode is sponsored by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society.  Visit their website to see their 2015 Summer Mainline Excursion schedule and book your tickets today!

Question of the Day (44:04)

With summer halfway over, what have you accomplished, and what are you looking forward to?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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One thought on “025: Strasburg Rail Road – Andrea Biesecker

  1. Bob Krug

    Re: Question of the Day on Episode 25 – something to do with “What am I doing to advance the cause?”

    I’m bringing along following generations to share my love of trains. I’ve got a 4 year old grandson who now loves to go out riding and/or chasing trains with Grandpa. A lot of our adventures are visits to tourist railroads, where I try to both ride, and then chase the train. At 4 years old, my grandson is currently under the impression that steam locomotives must still be fairly commonplace around the US, because he sees them all the time when he’s out with Grandpa! I realized this when I took him to the local Norfolk Southern Yard in Allentown. We saw the engine pool waiting to be assigned, and he asked me “Grandpa – Where are the steam locomotives?”

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