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Nickel Plate 765 Adventure

Nickel Plate 765

Nickel Plate 765 works its way north to Ashtabula.  Photo by Justin Calvin.

We’re traveling behind steam locomotive Nickel Plate Road #765 from Youngstown to Ashtabula and back.  On the way, we’ll talk to crew from the Fort Wayne RR Historical Society, passengers, and spectators.  Here’s your ticket, so climb aboard!

Nickel Plate 765 Adventure

1:42 – Passengers (Fred Smith, Gale Rigby)

5:48 – Arrival of 765, Spectators (Mike Long, Bob Straley)

9:50 – Tour of the Tool Car, 765 Crew (Rob Kramer, Nick Taylor)

20:56 – Departure from Youngstown

24:43 – 765 Crew (Jason Sobczynski, Rachel Weibel)

39:57 – Arriving in Ashtabula, 765 Crew (Joe Knapke)

45:55 – Ashtabula (Mike Huhn, Chris Tokarcik, Paul Andrews, Josh Cohen)

55:58 – Departing Ashtabula, FWRHS President Bill Otter

1:07:18 – Kelly Lynch, Communications Manager

1:26:30 – ‘Dover Harbor’ car attendant Lawrence Biemiller, Passenger (Pat Ryan)

1:36:45 – Car Attendant Dan Meckstroth, Arriving in Youngstown

Question of the Day (1:44:00)

Tell me about a trip or experience you’ve had with Nickel Plate 765.  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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4 thoughts on “Nickel Plate 765 Adventure

  1. Luke

    My personal experience with 765 was a couple years ago during Train Fest 2011 during her Bureau Junction trip. during the runby we stood at the crossing and she cruised right by. because of this trip is why i want to someday be part of a steam crew. maybe next year Norfolk Southern will send her to Kansas City.

  2. William Temple

    When my family had my aunt over to our house back in July of last year, we went out onto the patio to play a dice game. At a point in that game I heard a whistle. I immediately recognized it has 765’s. My family was skeptical, but I looked up her schedule and, sure enough, it was the big Berkshire. The next day, my family went to the NS Detroit Yard where she was powering the Mercury Express on former New York Central lines to Toledo. We filmed it depart, and then we drove down to a crossing where a restored station which was converted into a bar, we filmed her go by. After that day, The 765 and The Nickel Plate Road have held a place in my heart, even on my HO scale layout, as I now am a proud owner of a Bachmann 765 and an IHC Nickel Plate Consolidation.

  3. Jeff coast

    This one is kinda late but, my experience with the 765 goes all the way back to my early childhood when I first saw her on a Greg Scholl video pulling the famous New river train. I wasn’t around during her first excursion career, so seeing her on video was the only way I could see the engine in action. But ever since then, she has been my all time favorite steam locomotive. I’ve also grown up visiting her sister 755 at the conneaut ohio railroad museum. About five years ago I finally got my chance to see the 765 back in 2010 at the Cuyahoga valley scenic railroad and it was incredible. Living in the Youngstown area, it was great to chase this engine during the weekend trips back in July. And I was fortunate enough to ride behind her at the cvsr last month. I also managed to get my dad interested in this engine and we share a love of railroading and steam engines. I’ve seen the 765 a total of six times so far. A fine piece of moving history. This engine will always be special to me.

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