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Steam Locos in Profile – Chris Eden-Green

Steam Locos In Profile

Chris shares how his love of trains led him to create Steam Locos in Profile, why he enjoys presenting on-camera, and how he successfully crowdfunded his Season 1 DVD.

This episode is sponsored by the Strasburg Rail Road. Click here to learn more about their upcoming Steampunk unLimited event!

Question of the Day (50:34)

What is (or was) your hometown railroad?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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5 thoughts on “Steam Locos in Profile – Chris Eden-Green

  1. Jim van der Kolk

    As for that question, I have four classes: the LNER A4 Pacifics, the GWR Castle Ten Wheelers, the Union Pacific Heavy Challengers and, again from the Union Pacific, the Big Boys.

  2. Alex Beck

    My Hometown Railroad was the Maryland & Pennsylvania that served Baltimore, MD & York, PA. Where I live now is Bel Air and I am within Driving Distance of the Forest Hill station which is still around being used as a Model Train shop.

  3. Oliver H. Shortrifge

    My answer to the question for most interesting history would be anything that was owned by the Sierra Railway.

  4. William Temple

    I had four railroads in my town. The Michigan Central and The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern ran parallel through my town. Their lines are now owned by Norfolk Southern. The DT&I and Detroit and Toledo Short Line, now owned by Canadian National, crossed over these lines. The diamond was unique, as the DT&I and D&TSL crossed right in the middle of the NS lines. No wonder I hear many horns all day! 🙂

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