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Steampunk unLimited – Strasburg Rail Road

Steampunk UnLimited

Are you ready for a steam-powered adventure?  We’re attending Strasburg Rail Road’s Steampunk unLimited weekend to learn more about the Steampunk culture and the many ways it connects to railroading.  This episode includes interviews with performers, vendors, and convention attendees, as well as the sounds of steam locomotives hard at work!

To learn more about the Strasburg Rail Road and its team, check out these interviews below:

Linn W. Moedinger – President

Andrea Biesecker – Assistant Contract Administrator

Steampunk unLimited

Friday Evening – Jeremy & Tara Stand, Dextre Tripp, Pyrophoric:  0:01:55

Steam Train at Night:  0:08:42

Saturday Begins – Karen Musitano:  0:11:34

Fashion Show – Alicia Downs, Cathy Amerling, Dianne Miller:  0:14:38

Shop Tour – Jon Rhine, Kevin Blevins, David Lotfi:  23:32

Bartitsu – Prof. Mark Donnelly:  36:14

Romance of Train Travel – Mia Lavorata:  42:38

Victorian Dinner Train – Keith Linker, Louis Wolf, Alanda Sponenberg:  50:16

Music – Frenchy and the Punk, Abney Park:  56:04

Sunday Tea – Herbal Turtle Teas, High Tea Train:  1:00:00

Authors – Ascension Epoch:  1:01:50

Model Railroading and Steampunk – John Richardson:  1:04:56

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Question of the Day

What is the steam locomotive with the most impressive history?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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One thought on “Steampunk unLimited – Strasburg Rail Road

  1. Luke

    I feel that CB&Q 4960 had a Impressive history. Going from the CB&Q to a couple different owners, and now has a new leased on life on the Grand Canyon Railroad.

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