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They Brought a Crane

The boxcar is positioned over its wheels. Photo by Nick Ozorak.

First, I hope you had an excellent holiday season, and that the New Year is starting off well.  I apologize for the delay in releasing the next episode of ‘The Roundhouse,’ as I am currently waiting for clearance before our next episode can be aired.  To adjust for this, the next episode will air next Saturday, and there will be one the following Saturday as well.

2015 was an amazing year for us, launching the show and beginning our adventure together.  I’m pleased to say that with the year anniversary approaching I will have plenty of exciting news to share about what is to come.

Speaking of adventures, this past October saw the arrival of a turn-of-the-century boxcar being delivered to my hometown of Meadville.  Bessemer & Lake Erie A-205 was built in Pittsburgh by the Standard Steel Car Co. in 1908.  A wooden boxcar, it was converted to a MOW car in 1934 and eventually found its way to the Lake Shore Railway Museum in Northeast, PA.  The museum is leasing the car to the French Creek Valley RR Historical Society.

The car arrived on two semi trucks.  One hauled the wheels and the other carried the car.  They brought a crane to lift the equipment onto its new piece of track.  In the space of two hours, these pieces were transferred to Pomona Park, which also features ex-Erie Alco S2 #518 and ex-Erie Lackawanna caboose #C356.

Here’s to a new arrival in town and a new beginning for 2016!

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