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035: Ozark Mountain Railcar

Ozark Mountain Railcar

Photographs courtesy of John Suscheck/Ozark Mountain Railcar.

Ozark Mountain Railcar

How do you sell a passenger car? We talk with John Suscheck, Founder and CEO of Ozark Mountain Railcar, about being a railroad equipment broker, the challenges and rewards of buying this equipment, and how the phases of the moon affect sales.

Be sure to visit their website to see what they have available.

This episode marks our First Anniversary of the show.  No matter if you’ve been listening for one week or one year, thank you for being part of our community!


Question of the Day (35:48)

Go to Ozark Mountain Railcar’s website.  If money and restoration costs were no object, what would you buy?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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6 thoughts on “035: Ozark Mountain Railcar

  1. Luke

    I personally would like to restore the Wabash Dome Coach #202. I love to ride down the mainline in the dome.

  2. Nick Chillianis

    If I were to go for a piece on that site it would be the PRR Sleeper/Observation “Louis Sockalexis” Listing # 1570 because the PRR was my first love.

    But as long as we’re spitballing and money is no object, I’d walk into UP headquarters in Omaha and say “How much for the Cheyenne steam shop and everything in it.”

    Then I would let contracts for the construction of a new PRR T1, a Q2 and a J1a and a new New York Central J3a and a new S1b.

    Hey, you did say money is no object and it’s my fantasy……..right? 😉

  3. Lucas leighton

    I would buy pan am nbsr and cmq and restore the ex bar lines and mec lines and return all the power to them.

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