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Digitizing a Steam Locomotive with K&L Trainz

K&L Trainz

Photo courtesy of Steve Lerro/K&L Trainz.

K&L Trainz

How do you digitize a steam loco?  Steve Lerro of K&L Trainz talks with us about creating 3D computer models of steam locomotives for Trainz Railroad Simulator, how he hired famous voices for his promo videos, and why he believes train simulators are outgrowing model railroading.


Ross Rowland – The American Feedom Train, Yellow Ribbon Express

Nickel Plate Road #765 Senior Engineer Rich Melvin

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To learn more about their products, visit their website at


Do you own any steam locomotives by K&L Trainz?  What do you think about them?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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11 thoughts on “Digitizing a Steam Locomotive with K&L Trainz

  1. Aljaž

    I listened to this podcast watching videos of Steve’s Frisco 1522. It’a an amazing thing.

  2. Luke

    I own several of K&L Trainz locomotives with my all time favorite being a tie between there model of the Nickle Plate Road berks, and the Frisco 1522 set.

  3. Cameron

    I own many, nearly a third of their total content if not more.
    Including both C&O packs, Frisco 1522, Both Lima Berkshire packs(NKP and PM) two PRR steamers, the N&W A Class and all their freeware content.

    Accuracy above all else is important when making this kind of historical content, and K&L definitely delivers, not only for their recent excursion content, but also their older steam era content, some of which have very little documentation and photos.
    I could talk for days about their content, but that pretty much sums it up.

  4. Cameron

    Make that three PRR steamers,
    I’ve probably spent over 120$ on their content, and I firmly believe it has been worth every cent.

  5. William Temple

    Being a fan of NKP 765, K&L’s 765 was the first purchase that I made. I was so impressed that I purchased many more locomotives. So far my K&L roundhouse contains up to 15 engines from the CB&Q, PRR, C&O, NKP, and CN.

  6. Brody Brown

    I first owned the NKP Berkshire pack and ran 765 and 759 trips and as of June 6 I own the Reading T1 mega pack. I’m planning on purchasing the PRR B1 electric switcher next. Steve is one of the best locomotive designers I know, and it’s great when someone strives to make their product a good one!

  7. Fredrick Cloyd

    I own many of K&L locomotives and consists. K&L is the only place you can get very realistic and beautifully detailed American Steam locomotives. My own favorites are the large express passenger locomotives. The New York Central 4-8-4 Niagara and the Norfolk & Western 611, as well as the Greenbrier— are great!! The Hudson and all the others are all well done. I appreciate the love the shows through the detailing and the understanding of histories of the locomotives as well, as shown in the caring and well done videos he has on YouTube. So Kudos to Steve and K&L! He’s a lifesaver for those of us who cannot afford thousands of dollars in model RR and who love American Steam! Now I’m hoping for International Steam to be done (right now, it’s very very rudimentary except for British companies).

  8. Brandon Pericolosi

    I have everything on K&L up to date. Waiting for the 819 to come out.

    I do not have a favorite but I do have a top 5 that I love more than the others:

    NKP Berkshire
    C&O / SOU K-4 Kanawha
    CB&Q O5b
    NYC S1b Niagara
    CNR S1b Mikado

    Steve, really amazing work with those 5. I mainly use those 5 but when I get bored I just take a random engine, that I have, from your Website, set up a consist. If it is a mainly freight engine, then I use all JR 50’s era rollingstock and whatever caboose fits the railroad the engine was owned by. But if it is a passenger engine, I use either your passenger content, or other detailed content. But the main point is, is that your content is amazing. Unless someone came in and made more detailed models, then you will loose a customer XD

  9. ajp123

    I have nothing. I can’t afford a computer so no K&L Trainz for me. And the students who mostly don’t talk to me and the Trainz forums log in page is not HELPING ME AT ALL!!!

  10. Gary Breeding

    Really interested in the Rio Grande models. I have not yet listened to any of the podcasts, but I am really interested in the process of creating these digital models.

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