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Budd Car Adventure – Reading & Northern

Budd Car Adventure

Ride along with us as we travel on Budd Cars from the 1950s.  We’ll be traveling from Pottsville to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, talking with passengers and crew, and exploring the history of the anthracite region.  Here’s your ticket, so climb aboard!

The Reading & Northern Railroad is a shortline based in eastern Pennsylvania.  Throughout the year, the railroad operates excursion trains using steam and diesel locomotives.  This year, they have restored two 1950s ‘Budd Cars’ to operation as a new method of conveying people around their network.

To learn more about the Reading & Northern Budd Car trips, visit their website.

R&N Facility Technician Briar Stern – 1:48

Joanne Wood, Jackie Szeliga & Family – 8:04

R&N President Andy Muller – 11:40

Somersault Letterpress – 18:33

Carson Shappell – 30:03

R&N General Manager Matt Fisher – 31:52

R&N Food Host Nancy – 39:10

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Budd Car Adventure

Question of the Day (43:05)

What is your Rail Diesel Car experience?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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2 thoughts on “Budd Car Adventure – Reading & Northern

  1. Brody Brown

    Since I am only 14 and can’t drive, seeing a train is not a common thing for me…yet. But I give a lot of praise to my parents who drive me around to see trains like 765. As far as I can remember I rode on a self propelled railcar once in my life. A few years ago on the way to Wisconson, we stopped at the IRM and rode on a North Shore Line car. A bit bumpy but definitely fun.

    Did you happen to see 2102 on your trip Nick? I would love to see that locomotive operational again to work alongside 425, but I guess some things are just a dream. Let me know about 2102 via email.

  2. Mike O'Dorney

    I grew up on the Boston and Maine. I saw the transition from Class 37 Pacifics to eventually RDC’s. We called them Buddliners. I rode them between Boston and Wakefield, B+M even had some RDC-9’s – one engine and no cab controls.

    One morning, while riding my bike to school, I saw a five car train of Buddliners. To save money, the railroad did not power up the second and fourth car. On mild spring and fall days, the conductors would open the doors a quarter mile from the station. The draft and suction produced a plume of cigarette smoke coming from the open doors.

    One thing I always wondered was the “unknown Budds” – RDC 5, 6, 7, 8. I had heard these never-produced models were various sleeping cars, dining cars, kitchen cars, etc.

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