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045: The Next Generation of Rail Publishers

Richard King (left) and Rudy Garbely (right) stand atop locomotives they have authored books about. Photo courtesy of Kevin Phalon.

Richard King (left) and Rudy Garbely (right) of Garbely Publishing stand atop locomotives they have authored books about. Photo courtesy of Kevin Phalon.

What compels someone young to enter the world of print publishing in the 21st Century?  We talk with Rudy Garbely (founder) and Richard King (author) from Garbely Publishing about their work and the histories they are exploring.  In particular, we look at the Rahway Valley Railroad and what gave this New Jersey shortline such character.

To learn more about Garbely Publishing, visit their website here.

In this episode, Nick reviews their book ‘Just a Short Line – The Story of the Rahway Valley Railroad – Volume II’, which is available for purchase here.

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Question of the Day (27:10)

What is your favorite railroad book?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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4 thoughts on “045: The Next Generation of Rail Publishers

  1. Train Room Gary

    One of my favorite Railroad Books is

    Dinning on the B&O
    Thomas J. Greco and Karl D. Spence
    in Association with the B&O Railroad Museum
    2009 The Johns Hopkins University Press

  2. William Mankelow

    The one railway book that sticks in my mind is Platform Souls: The Train Spotter as Twentieth-century Hero by Nicholas Whittaker. It’s a great story of one man’s love of everything trainspotting in the UK, check it out.

  3. William Temple

    I have many favorite railroading books.

    Some of them are: Great Railway Journeys of the World by Max Wade-Matthews, The Pictorial History of Trains by David S. Hamilton, and of course, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.

  4. Wayne

    Probably my favorite railroad book is the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines by Frederick A. Kramer. The book gave a great glimpse at happened with the railroads in southern New Jersey and included rare photos of several locations, including my home town of Medford, NJ.

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