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049: Steel City Limited Adventure

Steel City Limited

Luxury Rail Travel invited us to ride a former Pennsylvania Railroad observation car from the 1950s.  Make yourself comfortable in the lounge as we travel from New York to Pittsburgh on the Steel City Limited, talking with crew and passengers along the way!  We also receive updates regarding the restoration of the Reading T1 #2100 steam locomotive.

Visit Luxury Rail Travel to see what upcoming trips are planned!

Rob Gardner – American Steam Railroad – 2:40

Bill & Marie Scarlett – 16:12

Matt Phalon – Morristown & Erie RR – 18:10

Steven Getz – 25:40

Vestibule – 33:40

Donna McKenna Corlin – 33:40

Tom Hill – 37:25

Russ Swinnerton – Luxury Rail Travel – 42:46

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Question of the Day (1:02:10)

What steam loco have you had a cab ride in or would like to have a cab ride in?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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3 thoughts on “049: Steel City Limited Adventure

  1. Wayne Wanzor

    I have had a number of cab rides over the years. I’ve rode on 3254 on the Scranton Limited at Steamtown, New Hope and Ivyland 40 twice, as well as Southern 630 and 4501 at the TVRM. I also had a chance to run Lehigh Valley Coal 126 during the At The Throttle event at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. In terms of my favorite cab ride, it would be my first trip on 40 at the NH&I. It was on the day of New Year’s Eve and there was still about 6-8 inches of snow. The cold air combined with the smell of burning coal and the speed made it one of my favorite cab rides.

    I would consider myself extremely lucky to get a cab ride in these engines and the only other engines that probably would top my favorite would be to be in the cab of a run at speed with either N&W 611 or one of the Union Pacific engines.

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