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050: Southern Railway 4501 Documentary

Southern Railway 4501

Southern Railway 4501 Documentary

Director Evan Lofback set out to create a Ken Burns-like documentary about the return of mainline steam excursions in the south and the people who made it happen.  In particular, this professional feature-length film features Southern Railway 4501, and how it became a star in preservation. Join us as he takes us behind the scenes for the production of this film and why he chose to release the film online for free.

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Question of the Day (39:20)

Connected to trains and railroading, what are you most thankful for?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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4 thoughts on “050: Southern Railway 4501 Documentary

  1. Lucas Leighton

    I am most thankful for being in a railroad family. My grand father and all of his 5 brothers worked for the Bangor and Aroostook railway and the Maine Central. And when you have relatives in the railroad world, all the railroaders from the places they worked are family. I can remember at everyone of his birthdays in recent years and watching home videos not only real family where there, but his old railroading buddies. I have grown fond of a few of them and unforcanitly aren’t around anymore and they weren’t related to me at all. But they were family. Railfans and railroaders alike we are all the same one big family.

  2. Nick Chillianis

    I am thankful for the hundreds of volunteers across our country who donate their blood, sweat, tears and treasure to the preservation, restoration, maintenance and operation of so many historical pieces of the rich legacy of the American Railroads.

  3. Luke

    I am thankful that in the 21st century there is still a interest in steam locomotives like 765, 4501 and others, and that they are being used to help teach newer generations about our past.

  4. Brody Brown

    I am thankful for all of the great people you meet at events or on forums. I also like the connection that there is to something like a locomotive or car. I shared a video on YouTube that showed me in the cab, and I got comments of people saying I was just in the cab, or I was in the cab at Steamtown, and you get this whole big connection. That is what is special about a locomotive like 765.

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