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051: National Model Railroad Association

National Model Railroad Association

What is the National Model Railroad Association, and how do they help the hobby?  President Charlie Getz talks about the organization, the work they do, and where the hobby is headed for the future.

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Question of the Day (54:55)

How would you like to see model railroading develop in the future?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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3 thoughts on “051: National Model Railroad Association

  1. Myles Spear

    More detailed models such as rolling stock and buildings is something I would definitely like to see. It would also be neat to see more live steam models come into smaller gauges like what Hornby did a while back with OO scale.

  2. Sean Murphy

    Hi Nick,

    Excellent interview! Keep up the good work…

    To your question on the future of model railroading, digital media that is free, high quality, and readily available is the best way to expand the hobby. Your podcast among others, Youtube channels, online groups, and online publications such as Model Railroad Hobbyist are really leading the hobby to it’s bright, new future. Person to person contact is best if you have the time and can afford the plane flight, yet I can talk to any number of experts on a niche subject “Great Northern locomotive assignments 1954-1964 currently” anywhere in the world thanks to the internet.

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