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053: Western New York & Pennsylvania Santa Train

One of the best parts of the winter holidays is that it brings community businesses and organizations together to create unique events.  We follow the Western New York & Pennsylvania Santa Train, talking with the crew and the community along the way!

WNYP President Carl Belke – 01:45

Meadville Residents – 07:54

Red Cross – 14:00

Oil Region Alliance President & CEO John Phillips – 16:42

WNYP General Manager Kylie McLaughlin – 22:44

Santa Claus – 25:49

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Question of the Day (28:26)

What is a favorite railroad holiday memory (any holiday, not just Christmas)?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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One thought on “053: Western New York & Pennsylvania Santa Train

  1. andrew dietrick

    my Favorite Holiday Railroad Memory is working the Everett Railroad Company’s Easter Egg Express Trips as a Train crewmember/car host Nothing like Getting Cinders in your hair and your Steel toe Boots dirty at the End of the Day working as a train crew member on a Holiday train Pulled by a Honest to Goodness Steam Locomotive

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