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056: Iowa Pacific Hoosier State

Iowa Pacific

We’re riding on the Hoosier State! We take one last ride while Iowa Pacific was operating the train to experience the wonderful equipment and on-board service. Along the way, we talk to the crew to hear about what they’ve taken away from their work.

Dylan Hayes – 01:56

Aimee Skirvin – 10:04

Tunde Barbarinsa – 13:55

James Corbett – 16:13

Conductor Rob Tracy – 25:59

Jack Sinise – 28:14

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Photos by Zac Reitmeyer.

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Question of the Day (30:57)

What passenger train of the past would you like to ride?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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6 thoughts on “056: Iowa Pacific Hoosier State

  1. Andrew Dietrick

    the Passenger train of the Past I would like to ride would be Pennsylinvia Railroads Broadway Limited Between New York and Chicago theres nothing like Riding Around the Horseshoe Curve on the Penny’s Premier Passenger train pulled by k-4 Steam locomotives PRR or PRR E-8′ Diesels. it be like turning the Clock back to a time when the PRR was the Standard Railroad of the World

  2. Matthew Betzner

    Union Pacific’s City of Portland, a route no longer served but very scenic, places including the Overland Route and over the Blue Mountains in Northeast Oregon.

  3. Douglas Alexander

    A great show, and I so enjoyed your talks with the people who really make the experience. I am sad the IP couldn’t keep it going and even expand it…say, take over the whole operation from Amtrak. But I’m glad they gave it a go, and perhaps the lessons they’ve learned can help others who are thinking of doing something similar.

    I am looking forward to your next about the Chicago museum. I know it had to have been a treat for you as it was for me. Too bad ol’ 999 doesn’t have her original drivers. That would be a sight!

  4. Ken Darr

    In answer to the question of the day, what train of the past would I like to ride? My answer is: The PRR’s Broadway Limited, powered by a T1 steam locomotive. To be able to ride the all Pullman fleet leader flagship of the Pennsy in its heyday, would be an amazing thing indeed.

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