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057: Tri-State Bought an ALCO


In this shorter episode, Vice President Kevin Phalon and Treasurer Richie King, (both under 25 years old) join us to discuss the Tri-State Railway Historical Society’s purchase of Morristown & Erie 19, an ALCO C424 built in 1964.  They tell us how this was made possible, why the restoration can be achieved for just $5000, and what the future holds for the locomotive.

Special thanks to Liberty Historic Railway for contributing to the purchase of the locomotive.  To learn about how you can contribute, visit their campaign or their website at

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Photos courtesy of Kevin Phalon.

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3 thoughts on “057: Tri-State Bought an ALCO

  1. Andrew Dietrick

    Nice interview with Kevin nick I loved the episode. You know I had Kevin as a railcamp cousler when I went to railcamp 2012 at steamtown thank you agin for the great interview it made my day thank you okay nick and keep up the good work

  2. Brandon Pericolosi

    Amazing how these guys are able to do this. I have listened to your podcast before Nick but never left a comment. Why not talk to the guy who is making the Illinois Railway Museum for Trainz? His name is Matt3985 on the Auran forums but he does have skype if you have that. I would really like to listen to what he has in store.

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