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059: Great Train Story (Museum of Science & Industry Part II)

Great Train Story

As Chief Designer of MSI’s Great Train Story layout exhibit, John Llewellyn explains the design process, how a train layout can tell a story, and fitting skyscrapers underneath a full-size Boeing 727!

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Question of the Day (25:48)

What is the largest model railroad you’ve ever seen?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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One thought on “059: Great Train Story (Museum of Science & Industry Part II)

  1. Andrew Dietrick

    The most interested Railroad display I have Seen was at Roadside America IN Hamburg Close to the Former Blue Mountain and Reading Now Reading and Northern seeing the trains Running around Road side Americas layout and seeing it is like turning the clock to the turn of the century I went to Roadside America when I was 10 and I long a trip back there if I get a chance to ride the RBMN Again

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