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MINI 03: WWII Train Battle

See what happens when the Axis and Allied forces battle for control of a train…all during a WWII reenactment at the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad. It’s a WWII Train Battle unlike any other!

This is our first episode simulcast in video and audio!

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Question of the Day

What is the most exciting event that you’ve been to at a tourist railroad or railway museum that wasn’t about trains?  Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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4 thoughts on “MINI 03: WWII Train Battle

  1. andrew dietrick

    the most exciting Event that I have been to that was about trains was at the Railroad Company I volunteer with in Hoildaysburg Pa which is the Everett Railroad Company and that Event was the Pumpkin patch trips I was a Volunteer Trainman That first year when we Started running the steam Locomotive and its amazing to see the kids come out with there family’s for a Adventure in a Pumpkin Patch I Espally love the Way the Family’s like are Operation with it started up and that was 2 years ago this will be my 3rd Year as a Volunteer Train crewmember with the Everett Railroad Company I highly Recommend come out and take a ride during are Special events like are Pumpkin Patch trips and Santa trains

  2. Gavin Griffin

    I was one of the young reenactors at this event. I’m glad to hear what the public thinks of it. We all really enjoy it, and I’m glad that it is well received.

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