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The Joliet Rocket – NKP 765 Excursion

Joliet Rocket

We’re traveling aboard a steam excursion taking us back in time unlike any other. Join us as Nickel Plate Road 765 takes its passengers, crew, and reenactors from Joliet to Chicago. For this episode, we’ve ‘backdated’ our sound to make it more like a radio play of the 1940s.

Organized by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, The Joliet Rocket was a series of 4 round trip excursions from Joliet IL to Chicago on June 17th and 18th, 2017. The excursion included open vestibules, accommodations ranging from economy to private cars, and a private event at LaSalle St. Station in Downtown Chicago. The event included catering, reenactors, photographer Matthew Malkiewicz taking passengers’ photos in front of the locomotive, live music from the Farmland Jazz Band, and a photo runby where 765 entered the station to the delight of all.

Getting Underway: 01:58

Brad Morocco – Fireman Chuck Young – Steven Zahareas & Robert Parise

Trip to Chicago: 08:02

Meridith, Lily, & Cece Harris – Tanya Thorton – Brian Smith – Brody Brown – Matthew Malkiewicz – Kenny Taylor & The Farmland Jazz Band – David Popp

Downtown Chicago: 21:40

Joe Knapke – Hayley Enoch – Hal & Brenda Brown

Return Trip: 26:50

Maryann York – Raymond Clauss – Layla – Norm Orfall – Luke Solberg – Madelyn Skinner – Zach Hall – Kevin & Tabitha Dawson – Ashley Popp

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