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Titanic: Honor and Glory


What can rail preservation learn from a simulator about Titanic? Project Director Tom Lynskey walks us through the research and development of Titanic: Honor and Glory and how it showcases the oceanliner’s history from a very different perspective.

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Titanic: Honor and Glory

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Question of the Day

What railroad would you want to experience in Virtual Reality? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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6 thoughts on “Titanic: Honor and Glory

  1. Matthew Betzner

    The Hudson Line, from New York up to Albany. Either the NYC Glory or the current Amtrak Metro North line.

  2. andrew dietrick

    the Railroad I would like to Experience in a virtual Reality would be the Everett Railroad Company Based in Duncansville PA Not only I’ts a nice Ride in real life But also I think a ride on the Everett Railroad in Trainz simulator would give me a sense of riding the Railroad even at times I cant make it down to work the trips at the Everett even going thru the Juanita River valley would be neat in Trainz

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