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MINI 05: Amtrak Excursions At Risk

Amtrak has announced major changes prohibiting private charters and excursions to operate. We discuss the issue with Roger Fuehring, the President of the Railroad Passenger Car Alliance (RPCA).

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13 thoughts on “MINI 05: Amtrak Excursions At Risk

  1. John J Schweitzer

    Good podcast Nick. Seems like all of us need to get busy in our respective states on writing to everyone that could help change this. (An aside note here.) I have always maintained that Amtrak needs to be its own company, have its own tracks, it’s own operating budget, etc,etc., and be out from underneath government control ie receiving its operating budget from the government. It could be a viable, successful railroad if the right people are put in place…

  2. Jim Corbett

    That was a great podcast, everyone just needs to stay positive and hopefully we’ll be able to get this problem resolved.

  3. Jim Corbett

    I really enjoyed listening to the comments made by Roger Fruehring, I have known him and his father, who was one of the founders of the RPCA, he’s a good guy and keeping his father’s ideas alive.

  4. Dinah Park

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m thinking about the young would-be rail fans who won’t be fans because of not seeing a beautiful piece of private varnish parked at their local train station to spark their imaginations. I couldn’t possibly afford one of these cars but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them on Amtrak. I hope Amtrak will reconsider.

  5. Ken McCown

    As a Board member of an operating railroad museum that leases out passenger cars this issue concerns me. Unfortunately there may be a problem with the petition and Change. org used to be a non-profit activist group that promoted public action by administering and offering internet based petitions for all sorts of causes. At some point they turned into a for profit group and now they collect e mail addresses and sell them to their customers. It has been reported by other activist groups that the price for an e mail address can be $1.75. Some folks report that they have not had a problem after signing a petition and others report that they have received hundreds of e mails asking them to sign things. Our engineer told me today that he gets 3 or 4 Spam emails a day and cannot stop them. He said that the only way to stop receiving the unwanted e mail is to unsubscribe to each and every one of them. There is no way to unsubscribe to the whole concept. So before you sign the petition check out for yourself, look them up in Wikipedia and read the whole article about them. And please take the time to write or call your Congressman on your own.

  6. Ruth Fuehring

    This is so important to so many people in this country. It’s a shame that so many good things have to be made so difficult. I’ve traveled on private cars on Amtrak quite a bit, as a matter of fact my husband (Bill) and I were escorts on the rocket trains delivering rocket booster motors to Cape Kennedy for several years. Returning the private car which was used was on the rear of Amtrak. We made these trips for several years, more trips than I could keep track of. And NEVER that first time did we cause a delay. Now, when you’re going from Florida to California dozens of times with no delays I believe that is just one example of the fact that private cars are not always the culprit when it comes to late trains.

    Amtrak needs to think this over and research where their problems really lie. I;ve been on regularly scheduled Amtrak trains which were as much as 7 hour late and guess what? There were no private cars to blame.

    Contact your government officials to urge them not to let this ruling take place.

  7. Charles Burck

    The post here urges us to sign a petition but I could find no evidence of one to sign. Only a form urging me to start my own.

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