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Age of Steam Roundhouse

What treasures does the Age of Steam Roundhouse hold? We’re talking with Executive Director Noel Poirier about the steam locomotive collection of the late Jerry Joe Jacobson, the dream of having a full roundhouse and locomotive shop realized, and what events are coming up for you to enjoy!


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Question of the Day

What is your favorite steam locomotive in the Age of Steam Roundhouse collection? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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8 thoughts on “Age of Steam Roundhouse

  1. andrew Dietrick

    my Favoritive locomotive in the Age of steam Roundhouse has to be Yreka Western 19 (Mccloud River Railroad) the reason that’s my favorite Locomotive in the collection because it was starred in the 1970’s flim Emperor of the north With Lee Marvin and at that time the movie was shot on the Ex Oregon Pacfic and eastern Railroad in Collage grove oregan if you have not seen Emperor of the north I Highly recommend seeing it to see 19 in her full glory as the Shacks Train

  2. Daniel

    My favorite steam locomotive is a tie between the Canadian Pacific G5 sisters, 1293 and 1278

  3. Jonah Snyder

    My Favorite Steam Locomotive in the Age of Steam Collection? I’d have to say Canadian Pacific 1278. George Hamilton IV, who lived in my town, went to my church, and attended my High School, sang a song about the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and without 1278 is also responsible for making sure steam trains are operated safely.

  4. Geoff

    My favorite is Grand Trunk Western 6325. Hopefully it will be repaired to working order.

  5. Cameron

    Wow, I had no idea about this place until you made this episode, thank you!

    As for the question of the day: I’d have to say GTW 6325, because Ohio Central really put on a show with that thing, and I loved watching it on DVD or online.

  6. Tevin D. Williams

    While an obvious choice would be former McCloud River Railroad #19 (a.k.a “Pancho”), I’d have to choose former Canadian Pacific class G5d light weight “Pacific” #1278. It’s inclusion in the collection is almost like a passing of the torch between two titans of railroad preservation; the late F. Nelson Blount and the late Jerry Joe Jacobson.

  7. Forex2me

    The roundhouse was built by Jerry Joe Jacobson, former CEO of the Ohio Central Railroad System (OCRS). In October 2008, Jacobson sold his interest in OCRS to Genesee Wyoming, Inc., including the track, modern equipment, and most of the shops and depots. Jacobson kept a collection of vintage steam and diesel locomotives, other old equipment, and a depot at Sugarcreek, Ohio.

  8. Sam Livingston

    Well given recent events, my favorite locomotive in their collection is the Bessemer and Lake Erie 2-10-4 Texas Type #643, the last of a class of 47 Baldwin’s. My other favorite is Nickel Plate Road #763, considered to be one of the better 2-8-4 Berkshires.

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