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083: Norfolk & Western 611 at the Strasburg Rail Road

Norfolk Western 611 Strasburg

Two Norfolk & Western steam locomotives will be reunited this fall, and you can be there for the multi-weekend event. Stationmaster Steve Barrall shares details about what led to having Norfolk & Western 611 visit the Strasburg Rail Road this fall and what you can expect to see!

This episode is sponsored by Age of Steam Roundhouse, a working roundhouse and restoration facility preserving nearly two dozen steam locomotives. Visit their website to plan a trip to visit their facility!

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Question of the Day

If you could see two steam locomotives of the same railroad fired up side-by-side, which would you choose? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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11 thoughts on “083: Norfolk & Western 611 at the Strasburg Rail Road

  1. Wayne Wanzor

    There’s actually more than 2 steam locomotives that I would like to see side by side and that would be the Great Western 4. #51 at the Filmore and Western in CA, #60 at the Black River and Western in NJ, #75 at the Heber Valley in UT, and of course #90 at Strasburg, PA. Any combination of these engines would be incredible main for the fact that they made up the backbone of the Great Western of Colorado’s mainline roster and that so many of them made it into preservation. What’s even wilder is that the Great Western of Colorado has more steam locomotives preserves than lines that were much larger in size and operation.

  2. Daniel Ahadzadeh

    Hard choice..
    I do remember daydreaming about Canadian Pacific ‘Empress’ H1b Hudson #2816 and P2e Mikado #5361 running side by side to the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver. And that’s what I hope to see someday when they have fire’s in their bellies one day

  3. Andrew Dietrick

    If I could see two steam locomotives side by side on the same railroad I have to Pick PRR 1361 and 1223 because there pennsy twins and they were both built at the turn of the century and plus they are great examples to show why the PRR is called the standard Railroad I hope one day the K 4 is restored again I see it time to time when I’m Altoona and slowly she’s coming back to life

  4. Nick Martin

    If it was still running, I’d definitely want to see 1218 reunited with 611 under steam (in Roanoke of course). Two of the best steam locomotives ever designed, both in the city they were born. Close second to 4014 and 3985.

  5. Joe Darby

    I would want to see NKP 587 and NKP 765 both fired up and under steam together once again. I remember watching a video of the 1993 NRHS convention doubleheader from Chicago and was memorized by their performance. With both engines in capable hands (FWRHS and KSHCO respectively), this may once again be a reality.

  6. Matthew Betzner

    This might be a bit hokey, but with C&O 1309 undergoing a change to Western Maryland paint, how about it next to the Western Maryland Big 6 Shay. Two unique examples of steam power which would bear the same railroad name.

  7. Andrew Henry

    If I could see two stem locomotives from the same railroad, I would want to see New York Central Mohawks 3001 & 2933.

  8. S.P. Gass

    Agree with Nick – I’ve seen the 1218 & 611 both in steam but never together. Would love for that to happen again someday!
    Regarding the podcast – I’m curious on that first weekend when 475 & 611 are both pulling trips, will there be an opportunity to see/photograph them together?

  9. Matthew B.

    It would have to be either PRR T1 No. 5550 when finished, and K4 No. 1361 when finished, OR any 2 Reading Co. Steam engines. The Reading is my favorite railroad, with former RDG tracks going through my hometown of Lititz PA. PRR is my favorite “Larger” railroad, and seeing the 2 most iconic PRR locos, in steam, next to each other (maybe at RRMOPA 🙂 ) would be amazing.
    Long Live the Reading!
    Thanks, Matthew B, 13 Y/O.

  10. Patrick Webb

    This event will be really cool. To answer your question, if I could see two locomotives from the same railroad in steam together, I would say the LNER A1/3 Flying Scotsman and A4 Sir Nigel Gresley. To see the engine named after their designer with the LNER’s flagship (until Mallard set her speed record) would be very cool indeed. Especially with them both in BR colors, the contrast of BR blue and BR green would be fun to see.

  11. Jason Leach

    If I could see any two steam locomotives from the same railroad fired up side by side, I would pick Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northerns 3751 and 2926. I would have said UP 844 and UP 4014, but I got to see that in May.

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