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Kathy Millatt & The Great Model Railway Challenge

Great Model Railway Challenge Kathy Millatt

What would a competition series about model railroading look like? Kathy Millatt, skilled modeler and YouTube video maker, served as a judge on “The Great Model Railway Challenge”, a British TV series which had modelers build a small layout over the course of 24 hours. She shares her experience in and how she sees the hobby continuing to expand.

Learn more about the Great Model Railway Challenge here.

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Question of the Day

If you could create a TV series about trains and railroads, what type of show would you create? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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3 thoughts on “Kathy Millatt & The Great Model Railway Challenge

  1. Tevin D. Williams

    I would love to see a documentary series in the vein of the History Channel series “Trains Unlimited” and the PBS series “Tracks Ahead”, but with a “Biography” format. The focus of the show being primarily centered on various aspects of railroads of the past and present that are both familiar to some (such as the California Zephyr, Santa Fé Railway, N&W, etc.), and almost alien to others (various short line railroads, international rail networks, the preservation movements that have been developed in recent years, etc.). Also, I’d love for the series to give focus to various photographers, folk heroes, innovators, and artists of both the past and present.

  2. Cameron

    If I had the means to create a TV Show, I’d just hire you to make more episodes of At The Railyard full time…

  3. Patrick Webb

    Thanks for reading my comment on the podcast, that really made my day. I didn’t know Ms. Millatt had a YouTube channel, I’ll have to check that out. I’d probably make a TV show about preserved locomotives, in the style of Steam Locos in Profile, but maybe with American locomotives, and international, which SLIP hasn’t covered.

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