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Wandering Spirit: Back in the US

Wandering Spirit with Flying Scotsman

First, an introduction.

You may remember that one year ago, we launched a project to ensure an HO-scale passenger car could travel around the United States. Last summer, I handed the car off to Dan S., an Australian listener of the show who was kind enough to take the car to the famous Puffing Billy Railway, the Diamond Valley Railway, and to the city of Melbourne to visit the trams.

The car then traveled to the U.K., where Ronan N. ensured it met Flying Scotsman. It was then sent to Chris Eden-Green of Steam Locos in Profile, who took it with him to one of his filming locations.

Now, the car has arrived in Manchester, NH. Ed L. will be taking the car with him to the Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington Railroad and to meet another steam star (stay tuned to see which!).

Manchester, NH

Do you want to host Wandering Spirit? Visit the website, learn more, and sign up for the chance to be part of the journey!

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