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087: Mid-Continent Railway Museum

Many preservation efforts have conquered hardship, but how many can say they have triumphed over a flood? Colin O’Brien of the Mid-Continent Railway Museum walks us through the extensive collection, restoration projects including Chicago & Northwestern #1385, and how they persevered through a devastating flood in 2008.

You can visit the Mid-Continent Railway Museum website to see all of their current projects!

This episode is sponsored by Age of Steam Roundhouse, a working roundhouse and restoration facility preserving nearly two dozen steam locomotives. Visit their website to plan a trip to visit their facility!

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Question of the Day

What are some challenges that you see facing railroad preservation? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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2 thoughts on “087: Mid-Continent Railway Museum

  1. Daniel Ahadzadeh

    It’s usually from cost, money, maintenance, and supporters that go into these railroad preservation societies, it can be indeed a huge pain when it comes to things like this but it’s usually worth every bit of it

  2. Patrick Thomas Webb

    I think a problem that preservation will face is rising fuel prices as coal use decreases in some areas around the world. I know the heritage railways in the UK are facing this. Another might be keeping their engines and equipment running, the older they get. Another one is increasing traffic or speeds on mainlines, or not being able to run at all on the mainline (case in point: the Amtrak excursion ban).

    Hopefully nonprofits world wide will find solutions to these problems, and I’m sure they’re working towards them already.

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