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090: East Broad Top Being Restored to Operation

The East Broad Top, a historic narrow gauge railroad in central Pennsylvania, has been purchased by a new nonprofit organization. Brad Esposito, General Manager for the railroad, discusses the future of the EBT and what it will take to restore it to operation.

Visit the new website and learn more about the Friends of the East Broad Top.

Question of the Day

What excites you about the East Broad Top being restored to operation? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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18 thoughts on “090: East Broad Top Being Restored to Operation

  1. Dave C

    The future looks bright for the EBT. Thanks in part to Joe Kovalchick, his father Nick, and their family for keeping this unique short line virtually intact since 1956. There will be a lot of work to do. Get involved.

  2. Dan Thomas

    Hugh steam engine fan here. Always enjoyed the “Good Old Days” at EBT. UP restored 4014, but it is out of reach for most East Coast fans, WM Railroad in Cumberland has hit a wall with their steam program and the PRR K-4 in Altoona is unlikely to run excursions when it’s finally restored. Everett railroad in Hollidaysburg has done a nice job with their steam program but the excursion runs are limited. EBT has the perfect atmosphere for an active steam program, Engine shop, multiple steam engines, nice train station, scenic railway system with a decent ride time, family venue atmosphere with the picnic stop and ice cream shop at the train station, various theme events throughout the year, photo shoot excursions, a trolley museum nearby and last but not lease is it’s huge fan base! Hope I live long enough to see and enjoy the revival of EBT Railroad!!???

  3. andrew Dietrick

    What Excites me about the EBT returning to life is number 1 my first visit to the EBT was in 2002 when I was litte it was pulled by Number 14 and when I return 5 years later in 2010 it was pulled by number 15 shortly after it comes out of the shops and also it also opens the Opportunity to volunteer at another Heritage Railraod Besides the Everett Railroad which I Volunteer with In Hollidaysburg pa

  4. Tom Stackhouse

    Became a EBT fan whe it reopened as tourist line many,many years ago.Lots of fond memories summer & winter.visits wih my 2 sons. My oldest son Paul just gave the great news. He also signed up today.
    That. Might have been my son

  5. andrew Dietrick

    what im excited about the EBT reopening is to seeing a Railraod I have rode when I was litte being Reborn im also Excited for the possible Opertunitys that might open to me in the words of Linn Moedinger you can see it you can hear you can smell it you can taste it and that’s true with the EBT

  6. Dave Colyer

    The most exciting thing for me is that I get to share my family’s history involving the railroad. My great grandfather, Drue, was a long time engineer and the engineer on the last revenue run. My grandfather, Frehl, worked the lathe in the machine shop until operations ceased.

  7. Nick Ozorak Post author

    I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the intro. I try to keep it short to preface the subject but also include context or any other important news. Thank you for listening!


    What else can I say, this is fantastic news to hear the E.B.T. will once again be active! Living near Altoona I felt a sense of loss after operations closed after all the decades of visiting the Railroad. Thankfully the EVERETT RAILROAD brought back steam excursions to my area but I greatly still missed the East Broad Top Railroad. Now things couldn’t be better for our area in terms of Tourist Railroads! Can’t wait!

  9. Peter Darian

    What excites me is throttle time. Years ago I had the urge to get behind the throttle and did some searching. I found the East Broad Top offered it and since it was late in the season I opted to do it the following year. Unfortunately for me that was the last season that they ran and my opportunity was gone. Since then I’ve done it with 765, 1225 and in Muskoka but hoping that I can get to do it on the EBT.

  10. Peter Darian

    Question of the day. What excites me the most about EBT being returned to service? Throttle Time! Years ago I wanted to drive something and found teh EBT was offerring Throttle Time. I made a mental note to sign up the following year. Of course that was the last year they ran and my opportunity was lost. Hoping they will offer it again. Either way it looks like a cool setup and I’m looking forward to visiting.

  11. Elizabeth Ozorak

    What excites me most is the window into the social and commercial history of the time period. How often do folks just lock the doors and walk away, leaving everything as it was – and it survives? Bravo to the Kovalchick family, the FEBT and all of the volunteers who kept this treasure intact, as well as the newly formed EBTF.

  12. Pete Lerro

    Fantastic job! There has been a ton of speculation and misinformation out there. This interview is a great source of first-hand information as to the future of the EBT reincarnation and sets the record straight. I only hope that the turmoil of the day doesn’t derail this important project. I appreciate your insight and effort.
    See you this summer in Monroeville!

  13. V.T. Duarte

    Great podcast!
    Very interesting and diverse content. Well done. I’ve listened to all episodes, while staying indoors because of the pandemic.

    Keep on the good work!
    Regards from Norway ??

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