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Wick Moorman: Norfolk Southern Interview

We interview Wick Moorman, former CEO and Chairman of Norfolk Southern and CEO of Amtrak, about how he began his railroading career, what led to him eventually leading Norfolk Southern, the 21st Century Steam Program, Heritage Units, and so much more in the first part of this interview!

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Question of the Day

What did you enjoy most about Wick Moorman’s tenure as Norfolk Southern CEO, either as a fan or as an employee? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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2 thoughts on “Wick Moorman: Norfolk Southern Interview

  1. andrew dietrick

    what i enjoy about Wicks tenure at NS as a Fan is the Return of steam on NS for the first time since 1990s and the NS F-units on a Snazzy OCS train what i enjoy the most is of wicks tenure is his Support in the Restoration of Norfolk and Western Class J Number 611 which i just i saw last fall during the Norfolk and Western Steam reunion and the F-units which look great on Horseshoe curve im planning to ride the F-units on the Reading and northern some time in the Future thank you what you did for the Company Wick!

  2. Richard

    Hi Nick, I’m going to be very blunt in my response to your question of the week. As an employee I felt Wick really cared about the employees. We did not always see eye to eye, but he took the time to listen and answer our questions. I though his “Ask Wick” employee forum was ground breaking and showed his true management style. I also spoke with Wick face to face when he attended a function at Conway. He took questions from the employees and provided answers. I also felt he cared about the company because of the Heritage units, the Office Car Special with the F units, plus don’t forget about the 9-1-1 locomotive and the 5642 Training First Responders Train Set. It was also an honor to help put the Heritage units into service and ride the employee appreciation 765 Steam Special. The current management team treats craft employees like we are completely expendable. We’ve have gone from a company who cares about the safety and well being of craft employees, to a company who now only seems to care about the wants and desires of the stock holders. We now live everyday with the fear that one mistake can get us fired and that stress is no doubt leading to many mistakes and poor employee management relationships that did not exit when Wick was CEO. From what I’ve seen employee morale is at an all time low and sadly the company has done nothing to try and boost morale and put some spirit back into the railroad. When I attended the training facility in McDonough GA, when I was first hired, one of our trainers who had previously retired from the railroad with over 30 years service as a conductor told us all, “Take care of the railroad and the railroad will take care of you”. I’ve tried to live by those words until last year. After seeing half of my fellow craft employees laid off because of PSR, I no longer feel that is a true statement.

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