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The Legacy of the Ski Train

Ski Train

Rail historian Steve Patterson explains the history of the Ski Train, a Colorado railroad legacy. We’re celebrating the train’s 80th Anniversary with Railfan and Railroad Magazine.

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One thought on “The Legacy of the Ski Train

  1. Jennifer

    Wow! What an amazing story! I say that, as an urban planner and skier who has been dreaming about restarting our short-lived Snowball Express, which took people from Oakland to the Sierras in those same years after the Great Depression. But our train only lasted a few years after WWII. We needed an Anschutz!

    Apparently, people would board the train in Oakland on Friday evening. They would be fitted for their equipment ON-BOARD! After a fun party up to the Sierras, they would sleep on the train, then wake up at the base of Sugar Bowl! The train whistle would blow at 4, and everyone would ski back down to the train, then relax and dine on the way home. The train would pull back into Oakland in the late evening, and everyone would be home in time to sleep in their own beds that night. Dang, that sounds amazing!

    Our I-80 and 50, which take us to the ski areas around Tahoe, get so clogged up with traffic that a 3.5 hour drive can easily take 6 hours. And no one here knows how to drive in snow.?

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