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LARP – Live Action Role Play and Historic Railroading


What is LARP, and what does it have to do with rail preservation? Claus Raasted, an experienced organizer of Live Action Role Playing events, discusses what it is and how it “places you inside a movie”. He shares the history of the Fairweather Manor event which created a Downton Abbey-like world for a weekend for its participants, and why this could be applied to railroad history.

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Question of the Day

If you could experience a LARP, when and where would you like to set it? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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4 thoughts on “LARP – Live Action Role Play and Historic Railroading

  1. Patrick Thomas Webb

    I think a LARP on a train would be a lot of fun, as Claus Raasted mentioned. Perhaps on a streamliner like the Hiawatha, Daylight, etc.

    To tie it back to a Castle, riding to a castle behind a GWR castle class, while a bit indulgent for railfans, would also be a pleasant experience.

  2. Dean Musarra

    Personally, I would like to experience what Fairweather Manor offered. The time period is interesting to me and I would set it in my locale. I’m just worried about the political climate it could generate.

  3. Aaron

    I would like to see a LARP setting that includes real trains as part of a larger setting. A perfect example of such a place would be Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan.

    I draw inspiration from video games such as Red Dead Redemption (Western theme) or Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (Victorian London theme), both having large open world environments with complete railroads playing a major part in each story. You could even have the train (or trains) be the entry point to these settings, picking up the LARPers from a station offsite and dropping them off at the in-game town, literally traveling back in time. (This is exactly how the Red Dead Redemption story line begins.) Having two or three towns along the line would give reason for LARPers to use the train as a legitimate mode of transportation over the course of the event. And to top it all off, working in some kind of staged freight service could be done in a way that would be relevant to the storyline.

    I could see this for either a steampunk or historical setting.

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