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Mark Twain Zephyr and the Wisconsin Great Northern

mark twain zephyr

The Wisconsin Great Northern is restoring the Mark Twain Zephyr trainset, but there’s more to this operation than meets the eye. Director of Passenger Development Robert Tabern and CMO Nick Turinetti talk about this historic trainset, the railroad’s freight and car storage business, their Bed & Breakfast trains, and other pieces of equipment the railroad is restoring.

Learn more about the Mark Twain Zephyr restoration.

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3 thoughts on “Mark Twain Zephyr and the Wisconsin Great Northern

  1. Douglas M. Plummer

    I am a retired Burlington steam fireman from 4960 and5632 my last zephyr I worked on back in 1968 Burlington Nebraska zephyr which is at irm in union Illinois I nearing 70 on August 8th and going out to CBANDQ 4978 in mendota Illinois I am a member out there

  2. F.K. Plous

    This train should not be in a museum or an entertainment function. It should be in daily commercial operation along its original route, which remains sorely in need of passenger-train service.

  3. Nick Ozorak Post author

    As nice as that would be, given that the trainset is not ADA compliant and replacement parts are not easy to come by, that goal is likely unattainable.

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