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111: Visiting N&W 611 at the Strasburg Rail Road

N&W 611 Strasburg Railroad

N&W 611 rests between runs in the yard at the Strasburg Rail Road.

Come along for the ride as we visit N&W 611 during its 2021 visit to the Strasburg Rail Road. We’ll interview crew members regarding the operation of the locomotive and experience the sights and sounds of the engine as it rolls through the Lancaster countryside.

This episode is sponsored by Streamliner Media, providing video and digital media services to the freight and rail preservation industries.

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Question of the Day

What guest mainline steam locomotive would you like to appear at Strasburg Rail Road? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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2 thoughts on “111: Visiting N&W 611 at the Strasburg Rail Road

  1. andrew dietrick

    to answer the Question of the Day the Guest Locomotive i would like to Appear at Strasburg would Be PRR k-4 4-6-2 1361 which is under overhaul in Altoona pa. it be nice to see this steam Superstar of the 1980s run on Americas oldest Short line and to have it side by side with the Railroad museums of pa k-4 3750 nothing like seeing the Best of the might Pennsy having a Reunion for the first time in many years. and i think that be a big hit for Pennsy fans

  2. Derek Buel

    For other guest locomotives to Strasburg, I personally would pick GM&N 425 and Reading 2102 from nearby Reading & Northern, for sure Nickel Plate Road 765 and Great Western 60 from Black River & Western to have a reunion with 90.

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