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Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Trust

Pennsylvania Railroad T1

What happens when a group of guys get together and say “We should build a Pennsylvania Railroad T1 from scratch”? General Manager Jason Johnson walks us through the history of the Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Trust project, the selection of the type of locomotive, and what it will take to get it running.

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Question of the Day

What locomotive would you build from scratch? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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8 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Trust

  1. Dean Musarra

    Provided there was enough interest, another Southern Railway ten-wheeler, like the F-11 or maybe even their Ts class Mountains.

    Plans for these are practically non-existent to my knowledge, but if they were available, then I would be more than happy to see these engines blasting along their old irons again.

  2. Grant G. Geist

    Everyone always says a New York Central Hudson, but I would build a NYC NIAGARA! With it and the Pennsy T1, you could recreate the famous race out of Chicago ???

  3. Yosef Watts

    “What locomotive would you build from scratch?”
    Well I’d say it’s all a tie between a B&O EM-1 to right the mistake made in the 60’s, a new design of 4-8-4 based off of either the ATSF 2900 class or the N&W J’s, a new LNER W1 4-6-4 post-rebuild, or a new design of 4-8-2 or 4-8-4 based off of the Bulleid Merchant Navy class in its original form with improvements made to the places where there were flaws in the original design of the Merchant Navies.

  4. Walt W

    I like the idea of useful, easy to squeeze into existing cityscapes, new light rail. With that in mind, I would like to see 2ft gauge systems built and a new build South African Railways NG/G16 2-6-2=2-6-2 Garrat for fun times.

  5. Thomas Shannon

    I’m going to grab a BLI T1 & RENUMBER it

  6. William Mueller

    Restore a Duluth Misabe and Iron Range 2-8-8-4 to operating conditions a very powerful locomotive. This ran in northeast Minnesota hauling tons of Iron ore.

    Another one would be Great Northern 2-8-8-0 or a 2-6-8-0.

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