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Railroads Online

In its first two months on the market, Railroads Online has generated a great deal of interest for its multiplayer gameplay, mixture of business management and operations, and focus on steam and narrow gauge railroading. We talk to the developers of this new game about their process and how they would like to expand its capabilities.

Railroads Online Screenshots

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Question of the Day

What do you love about train simulators or train-themed computer games? Let me know and I will respond to your comments in our next episode.

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One thought on “Railroads Online

  1. JolanXBL

    “What do you love about train simulators or train-themed computer games?”

    I love to watch technical machinery, where you can see all the fiddlybits in motion, like a clock’s inner workings. It impresses me how a single locomotive can pull so much, and how their design is virtually unchanged – A loco from the 1900’s could be swapped in from a brand new diesel, yet still perform just as well.

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