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Kelly Lynch: Fort Wayne, Headwaters Jct., and FMW Solutions

Kelly Lynch

We talk with Kelly Lynch about his involvement in Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Headwaters Jct., and FMW Solutions, along with the importance of inclusivity and looking out for others.

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Lynch: Fort Wayne, Headwaters Jct., and FMW Solutions

  1. Matt

    This is probably the best interview on the topic of Heritage Railroads and the need to evolve I have ever read, or listened to. Everything from how the organizations interact with the greater community to interpersonal relationships within the organizations and how we need to treat our fellow volunteers is spot on.

    As a little background, I began volunteering at a Heritage Railway after graduating for college in 1995. I was 21 and saw both the best and the some of the ugly in an organization that Kelly is talking about. I am sure we all have similar stories.

    My personal experience on how I noticed the principles he discusses in action goes like this. Back in the early 2010’s I began noticing the 765 and everything they were doing thanks to Kelly’s efforts. My wife ended up buying me the Listen for the Whistle video he produced as a Christmas present. That has to be the best railroad preservation videos ever made. I have let my non railfan friends watch it and they can’t believe how good it is.

    So this inspired me to keep following the group. Back in 2018 they ran the Joliet Rocket trips into Chicago where everyone was encouraged to be dressed up in 1940’s attire. My wife and I left the kids with the grandparents and flew across the country for the event. It was fantastic. I have since become a member of the FWRHS and have donated to some of their projects directly due to Kelly and the FWRHS’s work. It is amazing watching those principles he talked about in action.

    There are many organizations that do a great job, but the topic of continuous improvement is something all heritage railway organizations can benefit from. Thanks for the interview and great podcast.

  2. Nick Ozorak Post author

    Thank you for sharing that lovely story Matt. It’s great to hear how Kelly’s work inspired you and contributed to your own enjoyment of the hobby.

  3. Thomas N Wyndham

    I found this podcast some time last month, and after binge listening to the back catalogue, I’m finally up to date, brilliant show you have. Recently started getting interested in US railroads so learning about them through your podcast has been great. I volunteer as a Conductor at the Brisbane Tramway Museum, and very soon will be taking my exam to become a qualified Motorman (sadly delayed due to COVID). Up until COVID, the Motorman I shared a day on the roster with and I made a terrific team. In the operation of our trams we are required to work together to make everything go smoothly and safely. For example, on our handbrake cars, when we change ends, I await the Motorman’s bell signal to start releasing the handbrake at my end, while he applies it at his. If this is done correctly, the tram won’t move as the brake stays applied. I’m told back in the day, as a test a box of matches was placed under the under the wheel on the downhill end of the tram, if the tram moved while changing the brakes, the matches would ignite and you’d fail the test. After working together for years, he and I got into a rhythm, and could do everything we needed together like a well choreographed dance almost, including our routine entertaining visitors with stories and histories. I dread to think how many times he has winced in preparation for my joke I always tell about Conductors and overhead electrification. We were an amazing team, and I miss working with him a lot since COVID interrupted.

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