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133: Yosemite Valley Railroad – Modeling a Historic Rarity

Yosemite Valley Railroad

The Yosemite Valley Railroad was a connection between the Southern Pacific and Yosemite National Park that brought tourists in by the thousands, and it also hauled a considerable amount of freight. Jack Burgess is dedicated to understanding the history and operations of the railroad, and has even interviewed past employees. He shares the history of this railroad with us, along with answering the question of how he has remained so focused on this particular railroad for over 40 years!

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2 thoughts on “133: Yosemite Valley Railroad – Modeling a Historic Rarity

  1. Nick Ozorak Post author

    I’m reading “Set Up Running” by John Orr, and there’s several references to the S&NY. It’s nice to recognize it thanks to your model railroad!

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