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Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum

Maine Narrow Gauge

Learn about the preservation work that Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum is involved with, the opportunities and challenges of being based in central Portland, and how they use events to maximize their community outreach.

This episode is sponsored by Strasburg Rail Road Mechanical Services and Rail and Road Auctions.

Learn more about Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum from their website.

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Question of the Day

What piece of narrow gauge history do you enjoy most?

Let me know and I will respond to your comments in the next episode.

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One thought on “Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum

  1. Thomas Cucchi

    The piece of history I enjoy the most is Bridgton & Saco River #7. For a charming Forney, the engine has quite the eventful history. From being in charge of the scrap train that tore up her home rails, then being the first engine purchased by Ellis Atwood and serving Edaville for over 50 years, then brought back to Maine, being involved in a shed fire, and making runs on the WW&F. I’m hopeful that #7 makes a return to Edaville someday in the near future.

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