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143: Understanding the EPA Rules with Diesels (w/ Roger Fuehring)


Lake State Railroad CMO Roger Fuehring provides clarity on the EPA’s regulations concerning diesel locomotives and how they affect tourist railroads and museums.

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4 thoughts on “143: Understanding the EPA Rules with Diesels (w/ Roger Fuehring)

  1. Don

    I found this episode really interesting as I worked with locomotives in Conrail’s Equipment Engineering for 15 years.

    As I see it, the “net zero” carbon solution for shortlines and tourist operations will be bio-fuels. The relatively low fuel consumption makes somewhat more expensive fuel less burdensome that battery/electric.

    For class ones, it’s going to be a combo of electrification for heavy mainlines, fuel cell/battery hybrids for light density lines, battery and/or bio-fuel for yard/local.

  2. Don

    Another show idea. What makes Brightline successful? Perhaps interview the admin of the Brightline Train Community of Facebook. She seems to be an insider with undisclosed connections.

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